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[October, 2014] – New group members – Our two newly recruited PhD students Kushagr Punyani and Bao Dang will work on the development and application of label-free particle sorting based on shape, deformability, and dielectric properties in a project financed by our EU-funded project LAPASO.

 [September, 2014] – New group member – Our newly recruited PhD student Trung Tran will work on cell-mechanical fractionation and characterization of cancer cells in a project financed by Barncancerfonden.

[September, 2014] – Henrik Persson successfully defended his PhD thesis“Nanowires in Cell Biology – Exploring Interactions and Applications”

 [June, 2014] – Two talks will be given at MicroTAS in OCT 2014 from the Tegenfeldt group – Stefan Holm (Density based sorting) & Jonas Tegenfeldt (Keynote on labelfree sorting)

[May, 2014] – Tegenfeldt promoted to full professor

 [Oct, 2013] – Label Free Particle Sorting (LAPASO) – Tegenfeldt leads an Initial Training Network (ITN) with 15 partners from academia, industry, clinics and NGOs on microfluidic particle sorting funded by EU. Start 1st OCT 2013. Link to project website. Short appearance on Swedish National Radio. Appearance in Norway. Local news paper. Local highlight at the university on LU, again LU, and LTH websites.



Current Funding


Initial Training Network (EU/FP7) – Label Free Particle Sorting”, LAPASO.


Project grant from the Swedish Research CouncilEnrichment of rare cells and parasites using label-free particle sorting, project grant to develop label-free sorting schemes sensitive to morphology and deformability using deterministic lateral displacement.


Senior Research Fellowship awarded by the Swedish Research Council – “Cell biology and biophysics in microfabricated environments


Magnus Bergvalls Stiftelse - "Genetic studies of DNA with direct visualization using extremely high-resolution microscopy"


Barncancerfonden - "Mechanical properties of cancer cells as a marker for diagnosis and prognosis"


Hasselbladsstiftelsen - "Denaturation mapping for physical mapping of genomes of key marine organisms"




2014 – present Full Professor at Solid State Physics, Lund University


2008-2014 VR-financed “RĆdsforskare” (Eng: Senior Research Fellowship Award)

2003-2008 VR-financed “Forskarassistent” (Eng: Assistant Professor)


2007 Docent (Associate Professor) in Solid State Physics

1998 – 2003 PostDoc at Princeton University

1997 PhD in Solid State Physics Lund University

1991 MSc in Engineering Physics / Materials Science Uppsala University

1986 Swedish Defense Institute of Language (Military Service)


CV                   Publications             Theses


My main research interests are within micro and nanotechnology to address life science problems.


• Separation science

• Nanofluidics

• Polymers in confined environments

• Tools for single-cell biology








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