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[October, 2014] – Two new group members – Our two newly recruited PhD students Kushagr Punyani and Bao Dang will work on the development and application of label-free particle sorting based on shape, deformability, and dielectric properties in a project financed by our EU-funded project LAPASO.

[September, 2014] – DNA analysis – We have received funding through EuroNanoMed to develop tools for bacterial identification using nanofluidics for DNA analysis. Fredrik Westerlund at Chalmers is PI.

 [September, 2014] – New group member – Our newly recruited PhD student Trung Tran will work on cell-mechanical fractionation and characterization of cancer cells in a project financed by Barncancerfonden.

[September, 2014] – Henrik Persson successfully defended his PhD thesis“Nanowires in Cell Biology – Exploring Interactions and Applications”

 [June, 2014] – Two talks will be given at MicroTAS in OCT 2014 from the Tegenfeldt group – Stefan Holm (Density based sorting) & Jonas Tegenfeldt (Keynote on labelfree sorting)

[May, 2014] – Tegenfeldt promoted to full professor



Current Funding


Project grant through EuroNanoMed“Nanofluidics for ultrafast diagnosis of bacterial infections (NanoDiaBac)”


Initial Training Network (EU/FP7) – Label Free Particle Sorting”, LAPASO.


Project grant from the Swedish Research CouncilEnrichment of rare cells and parasites using label-free particle sorting, project grant to develop label-free sorting schemes sensitive to morphology and deformability using deterministic lateral displacement.


Magnus Bergvalls Stiftelse - "Genetic studies of DNA with direct visualization using extremely high-resolution microscopy"


Barncancerfonden - "Mechanical properties of cancer cells as a marker for diagnosis and prognosis"


Hasselbladsstiftelsen - "Denaturation mapping for physical mapping of genomes of key marine organisms"




2014 – present Full Professor at Solid State Physics, Lund University


2008-2014 VR-financed “RĆdsforskare” (Eng: Senior Research Fellowship Award)

2003-2008 VR-financed “Forskarassistent” (Eng: Assistant Professor)


2007 Docent (Associate Professor) in Solid State Physics

1998 – 2003 PostDoc at Princeton University

1997 PhD in Solid State Physics Lund University

1991 MSc in Engineering Physics / Materials Science Uppsala University

1986 Swedish Defense Institute of Language (Military Service)


CV                   Publications             Theses


My main research interests are within micro and nanotechnology to address life science problems.


• Separation science

• Nanofluidics

• Polymers in confined environments

• Tools for single-cell biology








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